Monday, 31 October 2022

Blogtober 2022 - Day 31 🍓

It's the final day of Blogtober and I only remembered at about 3pm! Good job I had taken some photos in advance or I'd be a little bit lost for what to share, especially because it's now pouring down with rain and everything has turned very dark and gloomy ☔ not weather to be outside in if I can help it!

A few days ago I noticed that our pineapple sage is flowering in the garden which inspired me to have a wander around taking photos of what else is going on out there. Only the nice bits though, I didn't include the bare tomato stems that are still standing in the raised bed even though I picked all the fruits weeks ago...we'll get round to tidying things up some day soon!

Fun winter flowers and the leaves smell like pineapple!

Purple beautyberry 💜

White snowberry:

Glossy rosehips and verbena bonariensis:

A few of these sweet little orange bidens have popped up recently, seemingly out of nowhere:

The nasturtiums which had all but shrivelled up in the height of summer have now resurrected with great gusto:

In my hand ✋ an acer leaf from the neighbour's tree, along with 2 chestnuts and a ginkgo leaf from my pocket (picked up at Dartington):

Time for boots again, and even the bonsais have their autumn colours:

A final rose has shown its face and my winter pansies are starting to come out! I bought a 24 pack and planted them all up in pots at the end of September and it's taken until now for them to get going:

Imagine my surprise when I found we had strawberries growing, on the plants which finished fruiting months ago! They must be confused by the mild autumn we're having 🍓

Thank you for joining along this month! I'll be back of course, just not everyday! 😄 I'm glad I attempted this daily challenge through October (I only missed a few days!) but looking forward to spending less time on the laptop and more time knitting again as I'm close to finishing my current pair of socks! 💓☕🍁⛅🍏✨ xoxo

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