Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Sourdough resurgence 🍞💪

 Hello!!! Look at our sweet cat!!!!

Recently she has been enjoying sleeping on my lap, especially when I'm wearing my fluffy dressing gown (who could blame her?) but she has a habit of doing it when I really ought to be getting up and doing something else. Sometimes I wonder if "my cat was asleep on me and I didn't want to wake her" is an acceptable excuse for being late for work?

I love this photo, 3 pairs of my homemade socks hanging up to dry in the soft, sunrise light 😌 plus this amazing pink heather which Ed and I bought at the garden centre:

I have been living in this green jumper which I found on a charity shop trip with my granny:

Ed made a banoffee pie last week which we enjoyed over a few days 🍌 and a toad which I fell in love with at work:

This roast was possibly the best meal I've ever made, it was elevated by the inclusion of a turk's turban squash (google it), also the last few tomatoes from our garden just to use them up! And then we have some amusing photographic documentation of Ed trying to paint whilst Juniper drinks his paintbrush water, sometimes we have to shut her out when we want some focused studio time now 😆

🌿 Home sweet home 🌿

She likes my dressing gown when I'm not wearing it too.

Fun fact: my current favourite nickname for Juniper is June Spoon.

Some excellent autumn colour from a chilly but sunny run last week:

My latest charity shop find! I couldn't not buy it after our recent mushroom obsession, plus it was such a bargain and is soo soft 🍄 Followed by our sweet neighbour Pebbles, since she hangs out on our bin a lot  now it means we get to stroke her as we leave the house or come home which is nice:

Three November skies with intriguing clouds:

Guess what! I'm back to sourdough making, hooray! 🍞

Plus a few of the clementines I bought last week had babies inside them! It was a very fun discovery 🍊

No photos of my current knitting so have this instead!

A corner of our house, and some funny packaging at work:

On Bonfire Night we decided to drive up to Dartmoor and see the fireworks in the distance, complete with homemade toffee apples which were a very sticky affair! In the car we listened to the new ABBA album so now whenever we hear it it reminds us of fireworks 🎆

Some weird mushrooms I spotted on the weekend:

I went to Stitch Fest with my mum and came home with this adorable pin badge which is perfect for me (except that I knit my socks from the top down and on a circular needle, but that's just being picky 😆):

A bible verse I have been musing on recently:

A comically narrow aisle in our new favourite shop to get snacks before the cinema:

We went to see Dune this week and we were the only two people in the whole room 😆 it was fun, like our own private cinema! We still felt like we had to whisper though haha. P.S. the film is great and if you're going to see it then you should definitely see it on the big screen 💥

I had to make this, I just did:

Another Tuesday another run:

Followed by this beast of a pizza! The dough rose much more than we expected so it was very filling, but delicious 😋🍳🍕✨

And that brings us up to the present eating lunch with Mike Winger on the tv and Juni sleeping beside me looking like a chicken wing:

Before I go, here are my recent exciting houseplant acquisitions 🌿 a calathea triostar, a peace lily which I think is variegated (we'll see!), and a pink princess philodendron 😍

Facebook reminded me that four years ago Ed and I went and visited our friends in Venice, I couldn't resist sharing a couple of my favourite photos from that trip:

Thanks for being here! Love Bethany x

Sunday, 31 October 2021

A myriad of mushrooms 🍄

[The alternative title I almost used: A fistful of fungus finds]

On our day off last week, Ed and I went out for an early morning walk on Dartmoor to hunt for mushrooms! We headed to the same spot we went to last year in the hope of spotting another magical fly agaric (amanita muscaria) 🤓 spoiler: we really hit the jackpot! As promised, here is the resulting fungus-photo-heavy post...

We brought our mushroom identification book along with us, admittedly we were too busy exploring to study it whilst we were out though:

A fun guy 😉

Autumnal reflections...

Although we were very much enjoying our outing, we were a bit disappointed that the coveted fly agaric was alluding us. We decided to cross the road, heading out of the woods and into the open, I followed a path through a gap in the undergrowth and...there she was! Our first little red beauty:

A little piece of Devon heaven.

We thought we were lucky seeing just one of these fairytale toadstools, but a little way ahead we stumbled across many more. It was so exciting, like we'd found buried treasure! 

They come in many shapes and sizes, and different shades from orange to dark crimson 🍄

One larger than a hand, some smaller than a fingertip:

Trying to blend in with the gorse 💛

We were making our way back to the car when we spotted another patch of fly agaric, just across the road from were we were parked! It was funny to think that if we'd just started our walk in a different direction we would have seen all these straight away:

Mmm looks just like a toasted marshmallow!

Possibly my favourite photo I took 😍

Hidden in amongst the ferns...

We ended our walk with a flask of coffee on a bench overlooking the autumnal landscape turning from green to brown. (You can see a photo of the bench and view in my post from last year!) 

Hope you enjoyed seeing our many fungus finds, we really must sit down with that book and try to identify them all! 😄