Tuesday 27 July 2021

Two anniversaries and three trips to the field 🌾

Hola friends and family,

Since I last wrote I've turned 24, Ed and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, and we've had a heatwave. We've been able to sing at church, ditch face masks, we've harvested from our garden, gone on a cinema date, and taken Juniper out to frolic in long grass by night. So much good stuff that I can't even fit it into one post (note to self: must master blogging little and often!), so in this post I'm not going to share much about our garden but I'll save all that for my next post! 🌷 

It was nearly 3 weeks ago that we went to the cinema (to see A Quiet Place 2, would recommend πŸ‘) and afterwards we walked along the beach which looked sOo pretty and Ed had a good stone skimming sesh. These pics were taken at around 9/9.30pm...a very dreamy scene:

Juniper being baby, snoozing on Ed's arm:

Ed and I both got new phones recently so from here on out you may notice my photos are better quality (or maybe not haha). This was my first tester pic of Juni, she looks a bit startled but I like the dappled light on her back:

I just realised that we ate our most recent loaf of sourdough without taking any photos but this is the second to last one! Nice and round with some successful scoring:

On our wedding anniversary we decided to take a trip to Dartmouth as Ed had never been before, it was a hot, sunny day and so busy! We enjoyed the charity shops and eating our lunch in the shade of the trees in the park, these pics are from when we stopped for a cuppa overlooking the water:

In the community garden there were tree saplings for free and of course we offered a few of them a new home with us:

✨ Us ✨ and a seed head which I got rather attached to (and now Juniper uses it as a toy to chase):

Speaking of Juniper, she was quite interested in my anniversary flowers and I got the cutest photos (including my first time capturing her in her meerkat stance):

Just experimenting with the new phone camera whilst out on a run...pretty hedgerow flowers that look like stars:

Of course I couldn't help but come home with a bouquet:

Lovely powder blue hydrangeas in a garden nearby, they catch my eye each time I drive past:

And this other garden is really impressive (or what we can see of it over the tall fence!), they have massive sunflowers and sweet peas in many different colours all growing up high together. A bit jealous seeing as only one of our sunflowers has survived the slugs! 🌻 I took this photo a week ago and by now more sunflowers have opened up so it's better in real life:

Juni trying to play hide and seek, her tail is a bit of a giveaway:

One of the newest and definitely the biggest leaf on my monstera deliciosa, and a monstrously delicious choc chip cookie which I made last week πŸ˜† They were soo yummy and were gone too quickly, definitely need to make them again soon...

I still LOVE hanging up the washing to dry outside, that was probably the best thing about the heatwave πŸ˜… It's been raining today and I already miss using the washing line lol. Throwback to last week when I made a temporary line extension for optimal drying space:

After just one day of doing the watering at work in my sandals I got these crazy tan lines...now after almost 2 months of sunny sandal wearing I think I am just going to have them forever πŸ™ˆ it's fine, it makes me laugh:

πŸ˜πŸ’Ÿ 24 πŸŒΈπŸŽ‚πŸƒ

My two birthday cakes, one cosy at home, one out melting in a v sunny garden! Despite having a July birthday it's not usual for me to have hot, dry weather #britishsummer 🌞

Taking my new birthday present out for a spin:

Ed got me this cat backpack so we can take Juni out for adventures more easily, as you can see she settled right in:

A few months ago I rescued this red begonia from work, it was very crispy and moments away from ending up in a bin bag, but look at it now! Glossy and vibrant, and it's even got adorable flowers! Plus a bright purple beetroot juice pattern left behind on a plate:

The beetroot came from my grandparents' garden which is also looking very colourful at the moment:

Great spot for a cuppa (and some ice cream 🍦 on a sweltering afternoon!)

Some more roses at work (you might have noticed that roses are my current passion 😍):

We took Juniper for another walk, this time at about 9.30pm and we didn't realise that there would be such an amazing full moon! Photos obviously don't do it justice but it was big and orange 🌝:

Juni was much more confident and energetic this time, she quickly left the backpack behind and went off exploring the long grass. Ed and I had brought our books with us for sunset reading sesh but our cat didn't want to sit still for a minute! She got the zoomies a couple of times and sprinted around which was funny and as usual she had a good go at catching anything flying past:

I saw this cool orange moth yesterday, just had a quick google and it's called a rosy footman 🌹 and then just squeezing in one more photo of Juniper kitten, recently she been enjoying the bean bag and it's very sweet:

Last but not least, another visit to the field 🌾 this time with the family and a frisbee for good measure. In the morning we'd had a completely in person, no livestream, masks unessential church meeting and it was so great. We got to sing together for the first time in 16 months and it was actually quite emotional, I didn't expect that 😌 And then having people come round and meet Juniper finally...it was a special day and things are looking up! 

Lots of love, see you next time for an update from the garden! πŸŒ·πŸ…πŸ› xoxo