Monday, 17 October 2022

Blogtober 2022 - Day 17 🌳

After a Sunday off yesterday I'm back with some more photos to share! These are from last Thursday when I met my sister for a walk round the lake. The weeks are just flying by and I can't keep up 😯 I blinked and somehow it's Monday again, Jethro is a week older (11 weeks yesterday!) and we're more than halfway through October...crazy.

Anyway, back to last Thursday. The sun was shining and the clear blue sky really made the bright green leaves zing! πŸƒ✨ We walked and talked while Jethro enjoyed a lakeside snooze (goals). Spot the swan family in the photo below...I presume the one leading the line was the mum and the 3 behind were babies because they still had grey feathers.

A few mushrooms were spotted πŸ„ and Jethro decided he'd rather travel upright like an adult. You can really see his blue eyes in this pic!

The reflection in the still water was like looking into a mirror...I love this photo, it's like some sort of optical illusion!

That's it for today, I hope you've had a pleasant start to the week 😊 We like Monday evenings in this house because it's quiz night on BBC2 which has become a bit of a weekly ritual! Also it means tomorrow is Ed's day off work and the anticipation of a day off together is almost as good as the day off itself πŸ‘πŸ‘


  1. Love the reflection photo and enjoy the Monday evening feeling!