Friday, 7 October 2022

Blogtober 2022 - Day 7 ☔

I haven't managed to put together much of a post today, I thought I might share some of my houseplants which are currently flowering / doing exciting things but I need to take some better photos on a brighter day 🌧 I only have snatches of time to take photos at the moment and the weather wasn’t cooperating with my schedule on this occasion!

So here’s a couple of photos from my walk with Jethro this afternoon instead:

It was very soggy but I was determined to keep going until he fell asleep 😆 This took a little while because he was probably quite distracted by the blustery weather and the colourful umbrella hovering about him! I've been wearing my fleece a lot because it’s big enough to go round both of us, sadly my raincoat isn’t which is why I was soggy.

Well that’s the first week of October gone by already! Time flies 🕊️

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