Wednesday 23 November 2022

Pigs in the pumpkin patch 🐖

Another blog post, another overload of photos 😄 after 24 little and often posts in October I'm back to my old ways haha. November has been an interesting month because it was this time last year that we found out I was pregnant (6th November to be precise). It makes you realise just how much can happen and change in just a year. Towards the end of November was when I really started to feel ill and had to take time off work, so being at home again at this time of year keeps triggering weird flashbacks and for a second I almost feel it again. The dark evenings and being in my dressing gown have become associated with sickness and even things like the thought of decorating for Christmas are a bit tainted in my mind when I remember how I felt in this season last year. But I'm excited to replace those memories with new ones of Jethro's first Christmas and I can't wait to actually enjoy all the festive food this year! 

Anyway, here's a recap of the past few weeks...

Colour coordinating with the baby:

More fungus finds:

Shadows and reflections:

I made a blanket nest for the baby to lie in but Juniper decided it was for her instead:

November has been full of rainbows (and pansies):

I finally finished my 17th pair of socks! These have probably taken me longer than any of the others but that's understandable 😄 I made the first one in the final stages of pregnancy and then cast on the second one and even brought it with us in my hospital bag LOL, needless to say no knitting was done during labour and not for the next couple of months either! But I'm happy to have my needles back in action now:

The golden light bathing Jethro's room:

Juniper being a nutter:

Ed's sister came down for a visit and we walked across the field and into town for a coffee:

We made pizza, watched About Time, and Juni decided to befriend Kate ❤️ honestly this is the first time she has ever sat on a visitor's lap so it was pretty sweet and exciting:

Jethro is getting good at tummy time, and we finally ate our turban squash that I bought at the end of September:

The baby and I went for a walk nearby...

The plan was to get him to have a good long sleep but he's got to the age now where everything is so interesting and distracting so he stayed awake most of the time just watching the world go by. I was glad to have worn wellies as it was very muddy but I think I walked too far because my feet were so sore by the end! One day I'll invest in comfy wellies. 

I passed a man who was also wearing a yellow coat just as we were both walking under a big yellow tree:

Little snippets of the woods in November:

Some squashes for sale along the way, and a snoozing baby that evening:

Hugs with dad and helping him in the garden:


The red orchid is still blooming like mad! 10 flowers and they have such a strong perfumey scent 🌺 also introducing my yellow trousers which I found in a charity shop and then forgot about for 2 months whilst they waited for me to take up the bottoms as they were too long for me:

💛 Jethro and my childhood favourite Teletubby:

Wearing the orange beanie hat that they put on him after he was born 😭 it can just about still squeeze onto his head:

Juniper is very much back to her old snuggly ways:


Once I'd finished the socks I moved onto my next project which was this owl knitting kit! The instructions were easy to follow and before I knew it this wonky fellow had come to life in my hands 😆 I've put him away to give to Jethro for a Christmas present:

Last week I went for another walk with a sleepy baby, it was a lovely fresh, golden Saturday afternoon just before the sun was beginning to set. I stood next to this little waterfall in the stream nearby and the sound of the rushing water sent Jethro to sleep in about 2 minutes. I'll have to remember that if we're ever struggling to settle him down haha...

Fiery sumac leaves 🔥 and some pretty flowers which were growing up and over someone's garden fence (any ideas what the plant is?) 🌸

🌞 Mr Sunshine Boy 🌞 he was 15 weeks old here:

Juni loves to hang out in the baby's room, it has a good view of the sparrows outside:

Last Tuesday we decided to take a trip to Proper Job in Chagford. We enjoyed a car picnic whilst the rain hammered down outside and then had a good old explore once the weather had cleared up a bit. As usual we came home with a few goodies, including a Hairy Maclary book for Jethro 😄🐶

16th November 2022 shall go down in history as the day that Juni first snuggled up with Jethro 😭 she rested her head on his leg and everything:


New second hand shoes + knitted socks, and happy Jethro in his knitted cardigan:

A visit to old boy Tom, and a dressing gown snuggle:

There's a pumpkin patch nearby and on the local radio I heard that once Halloween is over they let pigs into the field to eat up the leftovers. Obviously I had to get a look for myself! 🐖 As I approached they started oinking and coming towards me which was quite funny:

A quick visit to Dartmoor:

And finally, a Sunday afternoon stroll in the sheep field:


That's all for today, hope you're all enjoying the delights of November. Next time I post we may or may not have a Christmas tree 👀🎄😁✨

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  1. Wow..Bethany what a lot or gorgeous photos and memories, colour co-ordinated and organic!Love Joy xx