Tuesday, 28 September 2021

The one where I made ratatouille 🐀

Hello again, here I am back with some September happenings. Lots of flowers, plentiful harvest, and Juniper's first birthday! 🎂

These photos are from an evening walk on Dartmoor a few weeks ago, Juniper enjoyed sniffing around in the ferns, and the golden sunsetting light was so pretty. 

On the way home I carried Juniper on my lap as Ed drove and she snuggled up like a baby and buried her head under my arm. I'm not sure if she was scared of the drive or just tired out from the adventure but it was so cute!

Look at this fine specimen of a courgette! Fresh from the garden 🌱 Plus a cat hiding in the bushes that we spotted whilst on a run:

The cosmos are thriving at the moment, only about 3 plants made it this far but we do have lots of flowers finally!

A couple of random photos from a family BBQ we had the other week...one sister toasting marshmallows on a garden fork and the other chopping firewood 😆

Remember the tiger flowers I posted about recently? I was disappointed that we'd only had one single bloom, but turns out I was just being impatient as we've had a few popping up steadily over the last few weeks!

I turned them into a collage 😀

We got to enjoy a freshly harvested corncob each, they were much more juicy and delicious than from the supermarket! Unfortunately we've only had the two due to one of the tall stems snapping in the wind this year, but I definitely feel inspired to try them again next year! 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽

 I made ratatouille! 🍅🐀 Using homegrown courgette and tomatoes (it was prettier before going in to the oven than after!):

'Midnight snack' cherry tomatoes, and some of the little dahlias finally managing to flower without getting instantly destroyed by slugs! It's a miracle 😍

We planted our spring bulbs last week so we're very much looking forward to a colourful display next year!

✨ *Miscellaneous Juniper content* ✨

💘 😴 💘 😴 💘

I made a very tasty broccoli and potato soup! Not the most appetising colour perhaps but mmmmm I'm getting hungry just remembering it 😋

September 19th was Juniper's first birthday! 🎂🎈🌟

We didn't do anything in particular, other than balance a tiny DIY party hat on her head whilst she slept and reminisce about when she was tiny 😻


We can definitely notice the change in season as the light now streams in our living room window in a way that it doesn't during the summer when the sun is high in the sky. Also the light only reaches a thin slither of the back garden now. It's nice to be able to notice the small changes like that.

Sabrina the snail munching green pepper, and my new favourite photo of Ed and June 😂😂

LoOovely September sunset sky, we've had lots of these recently.

I'm into photographing pansies and using them in (digital) collages at the moment. The first pic is a sweet childhood one which I love (wish I had that flower jumper now), and the second one is from two weeks ago when I came down with a bad cold (thinking it was covid of course) and temporarily became a bundle of tissues and cough sweets wrapped in a dressing gown:

On Saturday, sister Ellie and I went for a little jaunt up to Dartmoor where it suddenly turned completely white with mist all around. We stuck to the path as we walked because we could hardly see very far in front or behind and were worried we'd get lost!

    We found a few blackberries!

Trying (and failing) to take a self timer photo together 😆

Up next we've got another set of hoya flowers! Our hoya linearis (kindly given to us by a neighbour) has not one but five potential blooms, none of them open yet though: 

Colourful nature finds = some rogue borage and a leaf speckled with violet bramble rust (according to my research):

This post ends with another walk avec Juniper, this time just a short distance from our house. We followed a path that we hadn't explored before and despite being a grey Sunday afternoon/evening it was warm enough for t-shirts. 

That face 😍

I hope you're enjoying the transition into autumn (definitely feeling it as I write this at the end of a very rainy day! ☔) Looking forward to a cosy evening of homemade pizza followed by Bake Off and Silent Witness 👌 xoxo