Thursday, 6 June 2019

A degree show tour ✨🐀💌

Greetings! I'm here with some updates from my degree show. It took me a while to get this post together because a) I was kind of sick of looking at my work and needed a break, and b) because tbh I didn't actually get any great photos of the space so wasn't feeling inspired. I think it was a combination of having a window space with dodgy lighting and having four walls so I couldn't get everything in one shot...but never mind! I'm keen to round off third year and get this posted so I can mentally move on and get cracking on some new projects! Here we go ~~~

The biggest element of my degree show was my huge, hand-embroidered wall hanging. I started it back in March and worked pretty solidly for 2 months. ((It's probably the most unphotogenic thing I've ever made, it's so hard to capture and photos really don't do it justice!)) But anyway, it's mostly all hand embroidery but there's also paint, collage, felting, drawing and all sorts going on.

/// Behind the scenes...


On the next wall I made a collage using some of the research/inspiration pics I had up in my studio, I also had a shelf displaying my medium sized sculptures and a scrapbook I made.

My giant snake was chilling on the floor around the space and lead people to my film which was displayed on an old TV. I've uploaded the film below if you want to check it out.

I had a cute little merch table where I had handmade badges, magnets, and keyrings for sale. They went down really well so I'm thinking about opening an etsy shop where I can sell things like that (let me know if you'd be interested!). I also made my own business cards (each one had an individual drawing) and there were stickers for people to take away.

On another shelf in front of the windowsill I displayed my little picnic scene made up of clay, felted and textile miniatures (featuring glow in the dark rats!).

On the final wall I had some square shelves where I displayed some toys ~nostalgic, childhood vibes~. My space was an exhibition crossed with a bedroom, a mix of adult and child, professional and personal, comforting and eerie, sweet and slightly unpleasant. It was fun to see people interacting with the space, particularly children, and I loved spotting people wearing my badges around and about!