Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Lockdown diaries - week 5 🌼

Time has become irrelevant and meaningless, I can't believe it's week 5 but I'm not sure if that is because it's gone slowly or quickly. Who knows. The prospect of lockdown ending is starting to linger on the horizon, I'm starting to wonder what it will be like to return to "normal" (if we ever will?) and how I'll feel having to do things again like working and having commitments.

Day 29 (Tuesday 21st April) - did a facemask, had breakfast and watched Friends (the one where Ross said Rachel YIKES), fed the snails, did my week 4 blog post, had lunch and watched Friday Night Dinner, put new ink cartridges in the printer, went for a bike ride and it was hot outside! We fed grass to our favourite horse and tried to feed cows but didn't succeed, got home and watched the University Challenge final, I made prawn crackers to go with Dad's delicious curry, then we videocalled the siblings, and had a big slice of Dad's victoria sponge and watched Killing Eve! Followed by Friday Night Dinner and some knitting.

Day 30 (Wednesday 22nd) - went for a run (separately and listened to podcasts), stretched, showered, prayed together, and then made bacon sandwiches for breakfast! Went to town to drop some hair clippers to my brother (emergency lockdown haircut), collect my asthma meds from the pharmacy, and do our first shop in Asda to get a microwave etc etc. I cut out pictures from last year's calendar (The Simpsons) and listened to a podcast. Ed made risotto for dinner and we watched The Good Life, then ate some victoria sponge. Zoom house group! Friday Night Dinner! Then I stayed up too late making funny edits of Tom.

The tiniest daffodil I've ever seen

Day 31 (Thursday 23rd) - had a lazy morning with Tom, breakfast and Friends, made a banana cake! Cheesy leftover beef toastie for lunch, had a nice walk and my shoes rubbed so I went bare foot and the ground was so hot! Watched The Sewing Bee, watched a bit of the news, breast of lamb for tea, watched The Big Night In and clapped for carers. Ed and I heard an owl outside.

Day 32 (Friday 24th) - breakfast and Friends, gave the snails some of their special porridge, went on a bike ride! Finally put up my homemade curtains, lunch and Friday Night Dinner, tidied the house, fish and chips, made some bread dough, watched Gardeners' World, spoke to my sister on the phone.

Day 33 (Saturday 25th) *the day that was supposed to be our wedding day* -  overslept with Tom, fed the snails, ate pain au chocolat for breakfast, watched Saturday Morning Kitchen, did some colouring, baked our sourdough and ate some for lunch, went to bed and tried to sleep because I felt sad, went for a walk around the lake and talked about feelings, got some bits from Spar (Ed went in and I waited outside and saw a cute dog), had yum leftovers for tea, followed by the chocolate fountain! Ed and I watched My Neighbours The Yamadas.

Long ducks at the lake

Day 34 (Sunday 26th) - woke up earlier than usual and read my book (I'll Never Be Young Again, an underrated Daphne du Maurier), did some skipping in the garden (with a skipping rope), showered and then had a healthy breakfast consisting of sourdough, banana cake, and pain au chocolat, watched some cooking programmes, then had church livestream, followed by a zoom call, then called the family. Chip butties for lunch (healthy), then did some collaging and listened to Imogen Heap, went for a walk and picked a tiny bouquet, won my first thing on eBay! Watched some news, The Simpsons, then Inside The Factory about Heinz vegetable soup. Nice dins, then Dad's speciality treacle sponge (would recommend isolating with a chef πŸ‘Œ), a cuppa, and The Good Life. Then Ed and I did some reading.

Day 35 (Monday 27th) - got woken up by Tom and decided not to go back to sleep (ish), fed the snails, breakfast and Friday Night Dinner, finished my collage, phoned my grandma, recorded worship songs for Sunday, had lunch and more Friday Night Dinner, went in the loft to look for something, made a video documenting my snails' growth, knitted, had dinner, went for a nice walk around the block with an ice cream, cuppa, watched Grayson's Art Club and Killing Eve.

One of the cats we spotted on our walk

Other news (minutiae):

  • The mystery bean I planted in week 1 is now much taller than me and we are going to move it outside. 
  • My new monstera deliciosa leaf is almost unfurled.
  • I am knitting lots still.
  • My sore foot from the rubbing shoe is healing.
  • There have been nice shadows in my room this week.

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