Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Hello April, hello charity shops πŸ‘€πŸ’ͺπŸ’«

Bonjour friends 🌼 hope you've had some sunshine today like we have! Here's me knitting in the garden this morning with Juniper for company, she's chilling out after chasing bees and fetching sticks like a puppy.

Here's a peek at my new sock I started last night, it's made from leftovers of a few different balls of wool and I'm very excited about it!

Happy April! Belated happy Easter...

Easter Sunday was a blissfully sunny afternoon in the garden, with family and multiple desserts as you can see below. It felt like summer...and then we had a sprinkling of snow a day or two later! Strange April weather.

I went for a run last week (it's becoming a very rare thing πŸ˜†) and mostly just enjoyed seeing what new flowers had popped up nearby. I saw a mini wildflower meadow, these unusual daffodils, and 3 different houses with plants for sale outside which was nice.

Meanwhile, young Juniper is always pushing the boundaries and trying to get to places she shouldn't:

I just looked at the date and realised that she was seven months old yesterday! Little teenager cat 🐾

We have officially entered into the exciting time of year when the houseplants are all taking off with lots of new growth! This pothos plant started off as a few short cuttings just last summer...I can't believe how quickly it has tripled in size! I bought the original plant from the Eden Project about two years ago and when it stopped doing so well I took cuttings and started again. You can see the other one climbing up the wall behind me in these photos, I'll have to show you a close up next time because the leaves are starting to get BIG. Vining plants really do well when they're climbing upwards!

Pussy willow, forget-me-nots, and one of our growing collection of begonias in the sun:

Some footage of night time Juniper, wide-eyed and absolutely hyped up because she loves when we change the bedding. This is her actually inside the duvet case:

My beautiful peace lily spathe in all its glory! ✨✨✨

Last week I had a little photoshoot for the snails, I don't think I'd taken proper photos of them since last summer. I'm not sure if they've grown since then, I'll have to look back and see! I can't really tell them apart anymore either. Sebastian used to be noticeably bigger than Sabrina but she seems to have caught up in size πŸ˜„

Ed and I picked up this pretty streptocarpus from someone's plant sale recently. We didn't really know anything about looking after them but it has been very easy and is flowering non-stop! It's so sweet and delicate and the leaves are slightly fuzzy and very soft.

My little jug of muscari bulbs are popping up on the windowsill, and there is a new leaf emerging from my monstera deliciosa. It's all happening round here!

We've started baking sourdough loaves in a tin to give them a more regular shapegmt BV[;'''''''''''' (lol that was Juniper's typing and I decided to leave it in!) We'll still make lumpy round loaves too but it's nice to add something else to the bread repertoire. We're thinking of making some non-sourdough bread too, my goal for the future is to make enough bread so we don't have to buy any extra from the shop for sandwiches etc.

Some yum soooup - carrot and sweet potato! 🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠

We went for a lovely evening walk a couple of Sundays ago and I picked a little wildflower bouquet along the way (one of my favourite pastimes). 

Some striking tulips in the garden, and our nepeta which we rescued last year and were surprised to see covered in little purple flowers now!

A snapshot of what our kitchen looks like a lot of the time πŸ˜‚ 

On Tuesday last week we took a long awaited road trip to Falmouth to visit my sister and our friends who live there. It was the perfect day, chatting and catching up over cups of tea and burgers in the garden, going to every charity shop in town, and ending the day on the beach of course. We even got to meet a few of the local cats, some which we knew from when we lived there! 

Wildflower bouquet, Falmouth addition:

The charity shops were bountiful! I came home with quite a few goodies such as a Noah's Ark pillowcase (I like to collect fun pillowcases), a little jug with white Juniper cats on, and a 1980s Fisher Price toy clown in perfect condition. Maybe not your cup of tea but definitely mine haha.

The tree outside our church is blossoming beautifully right now, it's a particularly vibrant, rosy shade of pink which I love every year! Any idea what kind of tree it is?

We've got more seedlings on the go...the nasturtiums are really blowing my mind, it seems like each time I look at them they have grown a few centimetres! I can't wait to enjoy their colourful flowers throughout the summer, I wonder if we'll get a caterpillar infestation like last year πŸ˜†πŸ›πŸ›πŸ›

A pinky red colour themed cat mirror selfie (try saying that 5 times quickly), and a fireside game of sunset giant jenga in the garden:

And I'll finish with some sleepy kitten pictures.......notice her napping on my laptop mousepad πŸ˜‚ she does keep us entertained that's for sure!

Lots of love πŸπŸ’˜πŸŒΎ see you anon!


  1. So lovely to see all those pictures of SPRING colour , your lovely home is bursting with foliage!
    So glad you have been able to get back to the charity shops- I am still plucking up the courage!
    Much love,
    * love the new sock with the left over wool.