Sunday, 29 November 2020

It's a girl!!!?? 🐱💓

 I'll begin with a few updates:

1) I am making good progress with my sock! I am well into the heel now and starting to find it a bit tricky...but I am getting there! Hopefully by my next update I'll be able to show it to you on my foot!? Or maybe that's a bit too much of a challenge, we'll see!

2) Remember the apple cider vinegar I was making? I sieved out all the apples which had finished fermenting and poured it into this sweet bottle which i bought especially! Ta da! Now to see what I can use it for...

3) My nasturtiums which were caterpillar-ravaged back in the summer came back with great gusto and are still flowering now. I haven't been out in the garden much recently to notice them but when I saw these earlier I thought they definitely deserved a photo!

4) The biggest update of all.........last week was Juniper's first trip to the vets and guess what? Juniper is a girl!!! Or at least the vet was fairly sure....she said it was difficult to tell and that it would become clearer in a few weeks!! We were very shocked at first (I even used the word incredulous) and weren't sure what to do, but decided in the end that the vet was probably not wrong and made the switch to calling Juniper a she not a he. It took a few days but we are now used to Juniper being a baby girl. I think somewhere deep down we always knew she was too pretty to be a boy 😅

She often joins me to read the bible in the mornings.

Due to covid I couldn't wait in the waiting room at the vets, instead I was told to go for a walk until it was time for our appointment whilst they kept Juniper somewhere quiet in her cage. I saw some nice sights around town and the best part was meeting this massive black and white cat who was watching birds in the graveyard. You can't appreciate it from the photo but he was massive! I don't know whether it's just because I'm so used to tiny Juniper but I almost felt intimidated by this big cat coming towards me, he was really sweet and friendly though. Hopefully I'll see him again some time!

Perched on a gravestone.

Ed and I had a garden centre trip last week, the main purpose was to buy some christmas lights but of course we raided the reduced plant section and came home with quite a few bargains! We also got some daffodil bulbs which are now nice and snug under the soil in our newly dug flower bed. Can't wait to see them pop up in Spring!

Time for another beautiful sourdough loaf brought to you by Ed 🍞 this one had a nice swirly pattern from the banneton and it rose better than the last couple of loaves have done 👍👍👍 yum yum bread.

Biscoff and marmalade, the combo of dreams.

And of course here are some more Juniper photos to finish off with because I really don't take photos of much else at the moment 😆 she's too cute. She is getting more and more adventurous by the day and loves to use us as her personal climbing frames...the trouble is her claws are like tiny daggers so we're covered in scratches. She gets away with it though...just look at that face!

Finding new places to sleep.

We died of cuteness overload when we came home to find she'd been asleep in our bed 😭

She loves this spot!

Enjoy some sleeping kitten 👆👆👆 xoxo

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