Friday, 7 August 2020

Lockdown week 19 - sluggish, sunset, sourdough 🌅

Days 129-135 (30th July-5th August)

Hello August. This is the 6th month of lockdown!!! WHAT. 

Blogger has updated in the last week so I'm trying to get to grips with it (after 7 years of doing it the old way yikes). I've been working on this post for the past 3 days and for some reason I just can't find the motivation to finish it, I don't know if it's the grey, muggy weather we've been having or what but I've been feeling a bit sluggish.

This update begins with a very fruitful trip to the tip last Thursday, where I initially went to take a large stash of cardboard. I can never resist going to the resale shop though, some of my best ever second hand finds have come from that marvellous treasure trove!


I came home with quite the haul, I copped everything here for the grand sum of £10. So thats 6x plant pots/pot covers/vases, a fat gardening book, mini drawers, shelf, a mug + 3x miscellaneous trinkets. Not bad. In the evening we had our house group over for pizza in the garden, followed by a lovely moonlit walk to our local rope swing.

Wobbly sunset panorama.

Friday was a sibling + cousin beach day, we swam in the sea, ate ice creams, walked and was glorious. I just realised it was my first sea swim of the year! A momentous occasion.

I bought the snails some edible rose petals 🌹🌹🌹 mostly for the aesthetic quality.

We had the most beautiful pink sunset on Friday night. I ran outside and took so many pics, none quite captured it of course.

My marigolds in the nice lighting.     

Me lying on the floor and taking pics of the sky lol.

Ed having a guitar sesh.

I started (re)watching iCarly this week.

Hydrangeas on my way to the corner shop.

A normal sight round here 🐎🐎

My cabbage white caterpillars are growing fast, they have almost completely destroyed the nasturtiums so we gave them some sacrificial lettuces to move onto (we had too many lettuce plants).

These next photos are from when we went to The Lost Gardens of Heligan with Ed's parents last week.

This week's sourdough loaf was a success! It got a bit brown on the outside but it had the best rise of any we've made yet so that made up for it.


I took this panorama of the garden and Ed partially disappeared in the process. We ordered a shed recently so that's exciting, soon our outdoor paraphernalia will have a home and we can organise the space and develop it into the garden of dreams.


I spent some time caring for my beloved hoya this week. Since moving house I had noticed she wasn't quite looking her best, so with some TLC and a slightly bigger pot I hope she'll be flourishing again soon. I know you're not supposed to have favourite children but she is definitely up there, her variegation is so pretty! And those pink stems 😍 also very low maintenance.

Back in her position in the window (not that you can really see here).

I've also been spending some quality time rearranging furniture in the living room, since we picked up another 2nd hand sofa and it took some reshuffling to make the room look nice again. I was thinking about how I haven't really done any "arty" things since moving (except crochet) but I think all this interior design is fulfilling my creative needs the moment.

A fashion statement for an evening walk.

Matching with my mug.

A room with a view.

Oh one more thing, I couldn't be bothered to go out for a run one morning last week so instead I did Hayley Williams' workout video instead, twice. Very fun, would recommend.

Hey I made it to the end, phew!

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