Wednesday, 12 August 2020

(Leaving) lockdown week 20 - pet caterpillars and retro ponies 🐛

 Days 136-142 (6th-12th August)

Hello friends. I'm currently sat in front of a fan blowing a cool breeze right at my face, looking out the window at a sunny, blue sky. Today is HOT again! It's nice, but it's also nice to be indoors rather than out  sweating in it. This update is mostly going to be about gardening and mini beasts (is "mini beasts" an acceptable term to use outside of primary school??) because that's what is going on at the moment. Plus a few other things like making food and returning to the wonders of second hand browsing.

Some paintings I saw stacked up outside an antique shop.

Not sure what's happing in the one on the left.

I had my first visit to one of the two charity shops in my new town, it had only just opened after covid closures. I had to queue outside as they only let 3 people in at a time, the first time I've ever queued for a charity shop. It turned out to be worth it because I found this long, tea towel-esque skirt which is nice and comfy. I wore it for about 5 days in a row because it was so nice to have something to mix up my usual lockdown outfits.

Remember way back in lockdown week 1 when I planted a random bean which I found on the floor at work? Well here it is now (just in case you were wondering), a towering mass of vines and leaves which has finally, after all this time, produced its first bean. Hurrah!

One of my best achievements this week was my first lasagne, it was very tasty and very easy, I don't know why I'd never made one before.

Now onto the garden section. We got cracking with our makeover project this week, Ed built a shelf to house his bonsais and I started digging up the grass to make a border.

It's looking a bit chaotic right now.

Ed's handiwork 🌟

Exciting news! I picked my first cucumber and courgette this week! The miracle of life! Nature is amazing! God's design!!!

Wonky veg is where it's at.

Remember my colony of nasturtium-munching caterpillars? Well I noticed that they were rapidly declining, until I could only see a few on the whole plant! So I decided to keep them in a jar because at this rate there would be none left for me to see them transform into butterflies! (I'm guessing they were getting eaten by birds?) So say hello to my new pets! In the small jar we have 4 large cabbage whites (small and patterned caterpillars) and in the tall jar we have 5 small cabbage whites (larger and green caterpillars). 

Also! Whilst digging up the grass I found some sort of chrysalis in the soil, I tried to research but didn't find a clear answer as to what it is. I think it could be an angle shades moth? Let me know if you have an idea! I've kept it so I can hopefully see what it turns into.

Basically, I haven't changed since I was small and had pet newts. I still have this childlike desire to look after random creatures, at least I haven't named the caterpillars. They look too similar anyway.

Found this pic when I was sorting through old belongings this week.

A magpie through the window.

A lonely cloud.

Yesterday Ed and I took a trip to Proper Job where we found lots of goodies including curtains, a fishtank to use as a propagator, a pint glass, and a legit 1983 My Little Pony. There was a whole box of them but I resisted and only bought one because I am an adult who is responsible with their finances (trying).

The chosen one.

Sleepy doggo melting in the heat.

Last night I made a fruit crumble and I ended up with too much topping so I used the excess and shaped it with some Christmas cookie cutters. I think I've stumbled on a very simple and yum biscuit recipe!

Lovely evening sky.

Other things worth noting:
  • I went on a muggy, sweaty bike ride with the siblings, dad + grandma.
  • I watched About a Boy for the first time (loved it).
  • Ed and I had pancakes for breakfast on Sunday.
  • I introduced Ed to the wonder that is Mamma Mia 2 and we've been singing the songs ever since.
  • I went to a church bible study on Friday (the last one before masks have to be worn 😅).
  • My sister and I have been sorting through and packing up our childhood/teenhood bedroom, lots of memories and confirmation that we have hoarding tendencies.
  • Twice this week I've seen a bat flying around right outside the living room window!
  • I'm waiting (im)patiently for Allie Beth Stuckey's new book to arrive through my letterbox.

I'll finish with a photo of Tom because I'm sure you're all missing his presence in these posts, it's just not the same without him!


See you next time, hope you're all enjoying getting baked by the sun!


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