Monday, 20 September 2021

The first taste of autumn 🍂

I went for a little walk the other day and was pleasantly surprised by how much it felt like autumn (the best season). After being stuck inside for the past few days with a stinky cold I was very much in need of some fresh air and so set out in the morning with the hope of finding some blackberries before they're all gone. It was a nice temperature, cool enough that I could wear a fleece but definitely not cold.

As you can see, the hedgerows did not disappoint and I was able to pick a few handfuls of blackberries (whilst dodging the spiders and their many webs).

I ended up on a path that I've never seen before and it was exciting to realise that there is a lot that we still haven't explored just a few minutes from our house.

I enjoyed walking slowly and taking in all the sights, the signs of summer dying away and the browns and reds of autumn beginning to appear.

I also managed to forage some elderberries for the first time which I used to make syrup following this video. Apparently elders are good for warding off coughs and colds so that was a useful discovery! The berries are so pretty, like little jewels.

I stumbled across these rickety old barns as my route circled home, it'll be interesting to see what happens to them as they seem like they've been disused for a long time. I love seeing the way nature takes over abandoned spaces like this.

And then all of a sudden the sun came out! It got very warm and the fleece came off.

Look at that blue sky! And my little bag of blackberries :-)

That autumnal walk really cheered me up and I thought these photos captured it so well and deserved their own post. As I bimbled along, eyes scanning the bushes, I thought that it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you're blackberry picking! Plus something occurred to me about the concept of going for a walk, with empty bags at the ready, expecting to find berries. It made me want to apply that mindset to everyday life, setting out with an expectant heart, ready to see God's blessings all around and to enjoy them gratefully.

Now I'm just really looking forward to more walks, wrapped up in woollens as the weather turns cold and crisp. Orange leaves and conkers! CAN'T WAIT! 🍄


  1. Beautiful autumnal photos and I hope you don't mind but I was very taken with your last comment about being expectant to see God's blessings- like taking the bag in expectation. I am leading a Quiet Day next Monday and I have copied some of your blog to read out - I hope that is ok! Love Joy