Saturday, 25 July 2020

Lockdown weeks 16 + 17 👫 a little catch up

Days 107-121 (8th- 22nd July)

I don't know whether I should still be referring to this particular period of time as ''''lockdown''''...are we still in lockdown? I guess we are in the transition out of it, I don't know, I haven't seen the news for ages. I'm still off work so maybe I will just keep documenting lockdown until I go back, I'm still mostly at home anyway.

I didn't post last week because, well, I got married! 🎉🎉🎉 It was a fun and special day despite not being what we originally planned and the weather deciding to absolutely tip down with rain whilst we tried to have a celebratory picnic on Dartmoor. C'est la vie, it was memorable, that's for sure! We could only have a small number of people which made it quite intimate and sweet, just a few friends and fam focused on the most important bit.

Here are some pics from the last few days before the wedding:

Matching with the cherries on my dad's tree.

I picked nearly 2lbs in the first batch.

Packing up my car with plants to move house.

The snails enjoying some tomato.

Our last evening walk round this area.

We saw a kitten that looked like Tom in his youth.

Here he is.

Took this at 6:16am, then went back to sleep.

Found yet another running route, just a few days before moving away. Listening to Dawn French's Desert Island Discs.

Tom loving his very own blanket.

Me loving Tom.

More morning sunlight, this time at my mum's house.

We haven't got all our wedding photos yet, but here are a few I took in the run up and afterwards. Lots of flowers gathered from my grandparents' garden the day before, which I fashioned into a bouquet last minute, using washi tape to hold it all together and a ribbon from a recently opened present. If we were to have had our wedding back in April as we planned, all these lovely flowers wouldn't have been around so it was nice to be able to make the most of the summer blooms. My bouquet got lots of compliments so perhaps I have discovered my new career as a florist.

Elli gave me this little bride and I kept her in my pocket throughout the day.

I accidentally dressed as a peach.

My mum took this one.

Kate's perfect confetti 😍

I even managed to pop in and see Tom and show him my new ring.

An accurate depiction of how the afternoon went weather-wise.

Post-wedding walk the next day with family.

Life is fun, we're loving settling into our house and making it cosy and colourful and homely. We've even enjoyed building flat-pack furniture! I'm looking forward to sharing more creative interior design things in the future, once all our plants and books and trinkets have found their places. 

I almost forgot ~ it was my birthday last week too...busy, nice times.

Elli got me a doily (Anne of Green Gables fans know) 👰

Documenting our humble beginnings.

Went for a walk and met our first local cat.

First husband and wife trip to IKEA.

Some excellent wedding presents.

Courgette flower.

We have local hedgehogs!

A little snippet of garden featuring geraniums and baby bonsais.

Sweet bee.

We are very happy to have a garden! At the moment I am most excited about my little tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers which are emerging, also that I have a colony of cabbage white caterpillars munching away on my nasturtiums (gotta help out the butterflies!), AND we have lots of birds around! Buzzing to transform our little patch into a flourishing jungle. 

These final pics are from a spontaneous Dartmoor walk yesterday...very sunny, nice to be out and about but we lost our frisbee.

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