Monday, 20 May 2019

Fairy Time Knits (the content you didn't know you needed) 🏰

Back in the Easter holidays I was enjoying a charity shop browse with my family and I came across a beauty. I very almost didn't buy it because, let's face it, I already have my share of quirky, non-essential books and I am in the process of decluttering in preparation for moving out of my student house...BUT needless to say, I did buy it. I saw the infinite creative potential encapsulated within it's colourful pages and I knew that it was worth my £1.

My first thought for this book was that I would just use the pictures for collages and stuff because they are so darn 80s and iconic (just look at that kid's mullet!). But I am actually beginning to consider the idea that I might actually have a go at making one of these wonderfully hideous jumpers. As far as knitting patterns go these ones don't seem too complicated and the book has some basic tutorials on changing colours and stuff so I think it will be a fun challenge.  Watch out world! 

I scanned in every jumper in the book and I'm just going to share them with you now because they are just so good and this is the kind of joy you need more of in your life. Let me know which one is your favourite, I think mine has got to be the green one with the ugly duckling because it looks almost exactly like a baby seagull and also the little girl with the glasses is so cute! The Hansel and Gretel one is great too.

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