Sunday, 11 July 2021

Hi July 🌷 (mostly a garden update)

Hello hello hello, welcome back. I very much can't believe it's July!!!!!!!! Again! Already!!! I have lots (too many) photos to share so let's hurry on πŸ’ͺ

Here are some little bee orchids I found in the car park at work last month. Aren't they so sweet? The centre part looks like a female bee in order to attract male bees to pollinate it, the only problem is we don't have that particular type of bee in this country! So they have to self-pollinate 🐝

Juniper being a turtle 🐒 in the bin lid, a classic case of "if I fits I sits":

We ate the first couple of strawberries from the garden as a summery jelly garnish πŸ“ and I've got lots of photos of roses because I've been watering the plants outside at work and these have been looking particularly amazing recently:

Being outside watering has also given me some welly boot tan lines which is great πŸ˜‚

Hydrangea season is coming!

When we got back from our holiday a few weeks ago Juniper was extra snuggly and affectionate, I think she was very glad to be back at home with us 😌 (spot Harry Potter, I'm currently reading the series for the first time and enjoying it a lot!!):

It was nice to get back to our garden, after only a week it seemed like lots of new flowers had appeared! These nigellas and marigolds looked great together in our wildflower patch with their bold, contrasting colours:

The first flower on our dog rose, and two night sky petunias I accidentally beheaded:

I decided to put some of our houseplants outside for the summer, mostly ones we don't really care about or that look like they might benefit from a holiday in the garden. Here is one of my snake plants, I sunk its pot into the front border πŸ‘‡

Our purple aquilegia has had some impressive flowers! πŸ‘† One of our strawberry plants has bright red flowers which I've never seen before, and we've got some little courgettes growing! We threw away the first couple because they had both been nibbled, so hopefully we'll have more success as the season progresses 😁

Pretty astrantia which I bought from a local plant sale outside someone's house, and this vibrant pink rose campion which was a gift from a neighbour...we had no idea what the plant was going to grow into and were pleasantly surprised to see that flowers had appeared whilst we were away!

Nasturtiums in my old boots...since I took this photo the right foot has some yellow flowers growing!

Sweet peas! We've been enjoying the lovely scented blooms in a vase 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Most of the nasturtiums we planted are very pale yellow like this, I love the bright yellow hypericum flowers and their little berries that look like tiny peaches:

Pretty moth!

The night sky petunia flowers are turning much more white which is cool! And this sunny yellow dahlia was very exciting to see because we grew them from seed this year and the slugs ate about 80% of the seedlings...we were able to plant out a few small plants and now they are starting to flower 😊

Juniper enjoying the shady side of the garden, if you look behind her you can just about see the feathery pink astilbe flowers which have recently appeared:

There's lots going on indoors too! Our white orchid has the most massive flowers, and I am overjoyed that my hoya is going to bloom soon for the first time ever! I will definitely be keeping you updated on that (I've been taking regular progress photos)...

We were hoovering the living room the other week and Juniper decided to claim the stacked up furniture as her throne:

Introducing my newest pair of socks:


These ones are Ed's and they happened to look very nice against our sweet peas! This was pair number 7 and you can rest assured that pair number 8 are already on the needles and ready to go πŸ˜„

Baked goods of the week: a sourdough loaf which we decided to turn into the bread of life (can you make out the cross we carved in lol). Also I bought some soft pretzels which we decorated with hundreds and thousands for a midweek treat πŸ˜†

Juni likes sleeping in the rocking chair.

Spot the ghostly white cat.

Ed and I managed to collect all 6 seasons of Lost in various charity shops over the past few months which is an achievement I'm rather proud of! After finishing The Office (for the 2nd time this year lol) we are now into the crazy world of Lost:

I went for a run recently and took some nice photos, mainly of the hedgerows bursting with different plants and flowers:

Beautiful flowers for sale.


I enjoyed the colour combo in this outfit. I wore my kitty shoes for the first time in ages, they were a present to myself when I finished my A-levels and I wore them to my uni interview! 🐱

Amazing blue delphiniums spotted on another local run, and the shocking amount of slugs that congregate in our compost sack:

I'll end this post with a picture of Juni looking like a tiny bride with her beloved net curtain πŸ˜†

See you next time xoxoxo


  1. Wow Bethany what a bountiful blog of beautiful flowers growing fast!
    It is a delight to read as always. Edward's Grandad was a real lover of bee orchids.
    Love Joy xx